Ludovic Bodin
3 min readJan 4, 2024

My 2023 Year in Review

The year 2023 began with enthusiasm and a solid plan in place. My travels were arranged, ready for the launch of my book and make significant strides in my investment ventures.

A ski accident suddenly changed everything. In early January, in just a moment, I went from healthy to immobile. I ended up in the hospital with titanium in my back, and faced a three-month recovery. This included bed rest and rehab exercises like planks and hip bridges.

The great benefit of slowing down is reclaiming the time and tranquility to connect deeper with people, with art, with our own bodies and minds. Yet, I can’t wait to do cardio again!

While the accident led to a delay in my book launch, it’s still in horizon and I am excited to share with the world the valuable lessons learned there.

Despite a challenging market, 60% of my investments successfully raised additional funding while a Nasdaq IPO was postponed for one of my investment.

The year was marked by an AI craze, which am blessed as I have been in the space for a while.

My latest investment thesis is now concentrated on AI-powered companies adopting the Atomic Scaling model, small yet efficient companies that can scale exponentially, such as fintech like algo trading, digital-first sectors like SaaS, gaming & entertainment, education, and e-commerce.

I am also interested in traditional companies and see how they can be transformed and make companies exponentially scale again, using Ai, Automation and the Atomic Scaling model.

I enjoyed my role as the elected representative for France’s 2nd Consular Constituency in China. I worked for the French living abroad, joined the party bureau, and met with world leaders in Beijing and Paris to strengthen France-China relations.

In 2023, we made wonderful memories in France, and now with the family, we’re enjoying the New Year break in Bali, immersing ourselves in the spiritual and wellness culture of the Aquarius era. According to Chinese cosmology and my friend Claire, the past 20 years were under Capricorn, focusing on earth, real estate, and wealth. The next 20 years will be under Aquarius, symbolizing fire and emphasizing wellness, spirituality, and personal growth.

I’m pleased that my wife, Jiang, ventured into new things in 2023 by opening a Wellness Center in Beijing. It offers special experiences like sound healing and singing bowl sessions. My friend Jason pointed out that the world needs more peace, and it starts with finding inner peace ourselves.

Happy New Year from our family to yours!!

Let us hear what you’re grateful for and excited about in 2024…

Ludovic Bodin

Author of "Atomic Scaling", Investor & Entrepreneur. I was raised in France, I lived in Canada, California, Latin America and China.